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UPDATED 2018 Charleston SC Offshore Fishing Maps (34002)

Charleston, SC Area Offshore Fishing Map on frontside

Murrell's Inlet, SC Area Offshore Fishing Map on backside

Price: $39.95


(Charleston includes Charleston and Stono Inlet. Murrell’s Inlet includes the ports of Southport, Little River Inlet, Murrell’s Inlet, and Georgetown.)

Fishing and design features found on each Offshore Fishing Map

•  Covers all near-shore and offshore area extending well east of the shelf break into deep blue water. Each map has overlap, is printed on quality paper stock, is heavy duty sealed laminated, and folds into 3 panels.

• Detailed seafloor topography (bathymetry). Depicts ledges, reef systems, depressions, ridges, seamounts and similar seafloor elevation changes.

• Graphic display of hardbottom/live bottom reef sites. Depicts living limestone reef areas productive for pelagic and bottom fish concentrations. Each site is named, numbered with coordinates and descriptions.

• All coordinates and descriptions are located in the east and west margin of the map alleviating the need of having to turn map over to see corresponding data.

• Artificial Reef sites and Wreck areas provide the coordinates and descriptions to all individual structures on each site.

• Very detailed GPS navigation grid broken down into 5 minute detail allowing the user to work the entire map (contours/plots) with ease while offshore.

• Other unique features include: common places names, 6 color printing, highlighted curve contours, and updated-often map areas.

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