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SeaMarks Software for your GPS sold on Flashdrive
Price: $190.00


"SeaMarks" is the “easy-to-use” electronic version of Maps Unique delivered on a Flashdrive. It is a joint venture between Capt. Chip Berry of Maps Unique in NC and Carl Andren of the Andren Software Company in Fl. Both companies have over 20 years of experience each in this business.

“SeaMarks” contains the entire Maps Unique databases already within the Andren’s “SeaMarks” program that includes over 3000 unique waypoints from South Georgia northward through Oregon inlet, NC. All data in the series is updated to August, 2013. The data supplied includes--- coordinates (L/L and Loran), place names, bottom structure type, and water depth. With the “SeaMarks” software program, users have routines for organizing, displaying, printing, plotting, and planning that will provide coordination and clarity for all your waypoints. Yes--- you can manually add or import your own waypoints to “SeaMarks” in either GPS or Loran. You can also create your own custom colored maps along with custom log books of all your data (and Maps Unique too) and save and update these as needed. “SeaMarks” accepts GPS data, Loran data, or both. The program automatically converts Loran coordinates to ASF corrected GPS coordinates or vise-versa.

Some of the functions of the “SeaMarks” software program include:

 GPS Interfacing: Upload and download the waypoints stored in a variety of GPS units via memory card transfer (SD cards) or cable connection. Of course, you can unload to your GPS from information stored on “Seamarks” from your computer. Handles Furuno, Garmin, Lowrance , Magellan, Northstar,  Raymarine,  Simrad,  and Standard Horizon. It can handle the C-Map proprietary used by several GPS models as well. No need to manually enter any of Maps Unique bottom data, including individual artificial reef structures because they are already in the program.

Organizing and adding data: You can rearrange and sort any data in the program, including waypoints, water depths, place names, notes, or any other created field. Double clicking on a spread sheet column header will sort the field by that field. When you add your own data manually or electronically, a handy screen appears letting you add or change TD or LL data, notes, depths, chose colored icons and other functions for each of your waypoint entries.

Display: Display by list or chart. --- Displays file on the screen in spreadsheet format with Lat/Lon, Loran TD’s range and bearing and all the Maps unique supplied data. “Seamarks” also displays the corresponding file data graphically on the screen as charts with Lat/Lon lines, Loran lines and waypoint numbers. Base maps include bathymetric, nautical, goggle Earth, or simple coastline file maps. You can display on a variety of base maps with data by screen view---- thereby giving you a wide and unlimited range of printing maps and corresponding log books as regional or as detailed as the user desires. A great feature for separating and printing very detailed maps is when you have a lot of waypoints geographically close together (such as artificial reef structures) as an example.  These can be saved as permanent files providing detailed custom maps and corresponding log books.

Printing: Print a logbook to take offshore with you. You can specify which data fields to print (all if wanted) and in what order on a printed list. You can also print maps and charts along with the way points that fall within the borders of that particular map view on your computer screen. If you have downloaded or uploaded a file from or to your GPS, you can print list and charts that match what is in your GPS.

Mapping: You can update a set of maps of specific areas that you want to print every time you re-work your book. Maps can be made for any size area and with or without Latitude/longitude or Loran lines. Maps are saved as map files for ready retrieval. Maps can also be printed as batches for convenience and can be either landscape or portrait orientation.

Plan Trips and Routes: You can plan trips or routes by selecting waypoints from the file. The trip plan shows the range and bearing from each waypoint to the next and can be saved as a file or printed. This provides the map along with the logbook for that planned route. You can upload routes to some GPS units.

Search: Rapidly find waypoints by key words, phrases, or numbers.

Split/Combine/Merge Files: Files can be split along Lat/Lon, Loran, or range/bearing boundaries. Large files can be split into smaller files or small files can be combined or merged into larger files. Users can sort waypoints alphabetically or numerically.

Merge Duplicates: Identifies duplicates and near-duplicate waypoints so that they may be combined or eliminated.

Track Plotting on the Ocean:If you connect the computer to your GPS, you can plot your present position on the big screen and see where you are and your track. This requires a cable connecting your PC to your GPS.

Storage: Stores waypoints up to 32,000. Maps Unique has 3,000 already in the program. Each “new” waypoint entry pop-up box for the user’s data has fields for Latitude and Longitude, Loran TD’s, Rating, description, depth, date code, comments. Icon, or symbol, and a color chooser. The Maps Unique data already supplied has coordinates, depth, structure description, common names, and all individual structure items for each entry for artificial reefs. A “MU” code is added to all Maps Unique data to help differentiate from the user’s personal coordinates.

 SeaMarks support and documents:SeaMarks provides free technical support and the entire detailed user manual in pdf can be reviewed or downloaded here https://andren.com/manual/SeaMarks_8_manual.pdf

Orders should be placed at www.mapsunique.com. Shipping of the software comes from the Andren Software Company out of Florida. If your order also includes hardcopy Maps Unique charts, those will be arriving to you from North Carolina. Expect product received in 2 to 4 shipping days.

 If you are already a previous purchaser of Andrens “GPS/LORAN” software through the years, the Maps Unique database is a $100 add on to an up grade. This should be ordered directly from Andren at www.andren.com.

Capt. Chip Berry, President, Maps Unique, Inc.

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